The Complete Guide to Booking a Private Jet in Kansas City

December 01, 2016

Since air travel began, the luxury of flying in private jets has been restricted to only the wealthiest in the world. A private plane, like a yacht, was an extravagance that many people never considered attainable.

In recent years, commercial air travel has become more and more tiresome due to endless security checks, overcrowded planes and the elimination of many in-flight luxuries. In response to the backlash against traditional travel options, some companies have set their sights on a new objective: making private jet travel more affordable.

These companies are focused on finding ways to make booking a private jet accessible to a larger market. Advances in technology have created many options for companies pursuing innovation in this field, and there are several alternatives for people who are interested in booking a private jet in Kansas City.

Option #1: Fractional jets

The idea of fractional jets was one of the first innovations to hit the private air travel market. The major players in this market are companies like NetJets, FlightOptions, and Flexjet. They offer fractional jet shares for prepaid blocks of flying time. Though more affordable than owning and maintaining a jet outright, at a total cost of $125,000 or more per year, this type of private jet travel remains a luxury that is still outside the reach of most travelers.

Fractional jet shares are like timeshares for private aircraft. You are paying for part ownership of a plane, and thus an allocated amount of time in the aircraft. Shares usually range from 25 to 400 flight hours per year.

Option #2: Private jet charters

Another option for booking a private jet in Kansas City is to charter a jet. Private charters are one of the most flexible ways to book private jet travel, but also one of the most expensive. Private jet charters like Air Associates and KCAC Aviation offer more convenience than other private flight options, as each trip is tailored to the traveler’s exact schedule and travel requests. That convenience comes at a cost, though. While there is no required long-term investment for chartering a jet, flight time in a private charter jet can range anywhere from $2,000 to $9,000 per flight hour.

Option #3: Jet sharing

Jets sharing is another new service in the private air travel area that is being offered by some charter companies. Jet sharing allows travelers to commit for empty seats on proposed charter flights or on planes that are scheduled to fly an empty leg. Companies like JetSuite and JetMe aggregate information on private jet flights that have empty seats and sell at a discount. Costs for these types of flights can be appealing, as prices can be comparable to that of a first class ticket on a commercial flight. The major trade-off is that travelers may have no input on the flight schedule or location and can wind up stranded if the plane’s owner changes the itinerary at the last minute.

Option #4: Membership-based travel communities

The newest challenger in the private air travel industry has arrived. Membership-based travel companies have begun offering an unparalleled opportunity for access to travel via private jet.

MemberJets is a membership-based travel company, headquartered in Kansas City. The company offers its members unprecedented access to book private jets at rates that are comparable to commercial air travel, without all the hassle.

By purchasing flights on planes that would otherwise be sitting in a hangar, membership-driven travel companies are able to book flights that are affordable for travelers while helping jet owners offset expenses. With membership dues as low as $2,500 per year, and individual seat prices near those of commercial airlines, these companies create opportunities for nearly anyone to book a private jet for travel.

MemberJets can give travelers the convenience of custom itineraries and the luxury of private jet travel at a fraction of the usual cost of chartering a plane, and without any of the hassle of jet sharing or fractional ownership. For anyone who is tired of riding a bus to the airline terminal and carrying shoes through the security line, it might be time to consider a private air travel membership. MemberJets is currently accepting applications for new memberships. Isn’t it time to #lovetravelagain? Join today!

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