Can booking a private jet increase productivity?

December 18, 2016

Private air travel has the stigma of being an “unnecessary” expense. Conventional wisdom asks why businesses should pay for employees to fly privately when a commercial flight will get them to the same location, usually at a lesser cost.

The answer: productivity. In some cases, flying commercially will save the company a little cash. But when that dollar savings is measured against the productivity that is lost by flying commercially, the issue begs deeper investigation. Flying privately improves productivity.

Flying privately has been proven to increase productivity and decrease “down” time for business travelers. Here’s how:

Less time on the ground
Most private jets leave from smaller municipal airports. That usually means you can get a flight much closer to your home or office than a regular, commercial airport. Additionally, the time spent waiting in security lines and for other planes to take off is almost nonexistent. Travelers can arrive at the airport minutes, instead of hours, before their scheduled flight. Flight schedules for private jets are based on the traveler’s needs, not the airlines. So, you can schedule that flight at the time that is most convenient for you.

Less time in the air
Private planes aren’t limited to the same flight paths as larger commercial jets. They also fly a lot higher than the 35,000 foot altitude of commercial flights, meaning they can take more direct routes and fly above weather patterns than can delay the larger planes. Smaller private jets also tend to fly faster than commercial jets.

Less distractions on board
On a private flight, travelers aren’t surrounded by a hundred other people. Private flights offer comfort and privacy to work in peace. You aren’t constantly jostled by someone hogging the armrest, or interrupted every time someone in your row needs to use the restroom. On a private flight, you can actually focus on your work. You could even conduct a private meeting with your associates on the flight or via Skype without worrying about other passengers overhearing.

More conveniences
It’s hard to focus when you’re feeling uncomfortable and flying commercially is rarely very comfortable. Private flights offer conveniences that are unheard of on many commercial flights. Private jets usually offer wi-fi, and have comfortable, or even luxurious, workstations. Seats are spacious and there are often power outlets for plugging in laptops or other devices, making it the perfect environment for improving productivity.

In a 2009 survey by the National Business Aviation Association, respondents rated themselves as 20% more productive while on company aircraft than in the office. Their counterparts flying commercial reported a 40% drop in productivity.

So, not only are employees more product on private flights than on commercial flights, they are more productive on a private flight than in their own offices! Most companies would spend a fortune to get such drastic increases in production from their employees. Luckily, flying on a private jet doesn’t have to cost a fortune anymore.

The last hurdle for businesses to overcome when choosing private air travel over commercial flights is that of cost. Luckily, new companies like MemberJets are making it possible to book a private jet and not blow the budget.

Membership-based travel companies like MemberJets create opportunities for individuals and businesses to book private air travel at prices that effectively compete with commercial airline fares. If you’re ready to increase productivity with private air travel, consider a MemberJets membership.

MemberJets is a Kansas City-based membership travel company, offering its members the convenience of booking seats on private jets at affordable prices. Forget the hassle of commercial air travel and learn to #lovetravelagain. Ready to fly? Check out our membership page and join our community.

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