The 10 Ways Booking a Private Jet Saves You Time

December 20, 2016

If you haven’t ever flown on a private jet, you might not realize how much time you can save by venturing into the world of private air travel. Booking a private jet saves you time in many, many ways, both on the ground and in the air.

How booking a private jet saves you time on the ground:
  1. No lost luggage

    If you’ve ever lost your luggage, you know how much time is wasted dealing with it. You have to stand in line to make your claim and wait while the airline searches for your bag. Then, if it’s not immediately found, you have to replace anything you need for your trip until they do find it.

    With private air travel, you are never separated from your luggage and there’s no way for it to get lost.

  2. No security lines

    When flying on a private jet, there is no TSA and no security lines. The captain of the plane has the right to search passengers’ bags and check for identification, but that’s it. There’s no line, no embarrassing x-ray machines and no taking off your shoes.

  3. Closer airports

    Smaller planes generally fly out of smaller regional airports. While the majority of cities have just one major commercial airport, most have several smaller general aviation airports in various locations. That means you can choose to fly out of a location that is much closer to your home or office. No more sitting in traffic to make the long trek to a commercial airport.

  4. No waiting for planes to take off

    Unlike large commercial hubs, where planes can sit on the tarmac for minutes, or even hours, waiting for an open runway, smaller airports rarely have a problem with traffic waiting to take off. There is less competition for runways and fewer delays, as a result.

  5. No waiting for a new flight crew

    Have you ever been waiting to take off on a commercial flight, and then someone makes an announcement that you’re waiting for a flight crew to arrive from another flight? Your entire flight is grounded until the rest of the crew arrives. That doesn’t happen with private jet flight crews. Private flight crews are on-call and ready to fly when you are.

  6. Schedule flights at your convenience

    There are no set flight times or required flight plans for a private jet. The plane’s schedule is based on what works best for the people flying on it. No more rushing to the airport at 4am or heading out on a redeye. You fly at whatever time is most convenient for you.

    How booking a private jet saves you time in the air:

  7. More direct routes

    Private jets fly at a higher altitude than commercial jets, so they don’t have to compete with commercial airliners for airspace. The result? Private jets can fly much more direct routes to destinations and save travelers a lot of time in the process.

  8. Faster planes

    Many private jets are faster than commercial planes. For example, the Gulfstream G650 has a top speed of 610 mph. Most commercial jets fly at a cruising speed of about 560 mph. Faster planes mean less travel time to your destination.

  9. Fewer weather delays

    Smaller planes usually fly at a higher altitude than commercial airliners. That means that private jets can safely fly up and over weather patterns that delay or cancel commercial flights.

  10. Ground transportation

    When traveling via private jet, your aircraft crew can call ahead during your flight and let your ground transportation know exactly when you’ll be arriving. No more time wasted waiting on a car service. You get off the plane and into your waiting car. As you can see, the time saved by traveling via private jet adds up quickly. Are you ready to ditch the time-suck of traveling on commercial airlines and #lovetravelagain? One great way to try out private air travel for yourself is through a membership-based travel company like MemberJets.

MemberJets creates opportunities for individuals and businesses to book private air travel at prices that effectively compete with commercial airline fares. With a low-cost MemberJets membership, you can test out the perks of private air travel without the high upfront investment required by many other private air travel companies.

As a Kansas City-based membership travel company, MemberJets offers its members the convenience of booking seats on private jets at affordable prices. Check out for membership and sign-up information.

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