January 03, 2017

We’ve all been there: sitting in a packed plane on a runway, or at the gate, scrunched in a tiny seat, wondering how much longer it’ll be before we get in the air. Or stuck at an airport, not knowing how long our delay will be or if we’ll even make our connecting flight. The hassles and headaches associated with commercial travel are ever-growing. They’re also what helped spur the idea for MemberJets.

MemberJets bypasses the inefficiencies, frustrations, lines, and other travel headaches associated with commercial air travel. We have reimagined travel and reinvented the process to offer an affordable and pleasurable way to travel once again.

Using our proprietary software, our members can search for shuttle flights, MemberJets Journeys and special events, charter discounts, and the first-ever ability to crowdsource flights with other MemberJets members. Sound new? It is! Sound exciting? Join us.

We’re launching with more than 120 flights to more than 15 destinations out of Kansas City, but we’ll be adding hundreds of destinations and travel options over the coming weeks.

No more scrunched seats. No more connections. No long wait times. No restrictions. Just pure freedom when you fly.  

Join us today and #LoveTravelAgain.

Other MemberJets benefits include:

  • Enjoyable flight experience and customer service
  • Free snacks and beverages
  • Avoiding the drive to congested, commercial airport locations
  • Flying direct and arriving at your destination sooner without connecting flights
  • Avoiding TSA lines and other security checkpoints
  • Avoiding terminal parking and shuttles to and from your gate
  • Getting work done comfortably with onboard Wi-Fi on most flights
  • Leg room on every flight
  • Boosting employee productivity and morale with private air travel for business or personal use
  • Seat prices comparable to first-class or business-class tickets
  • Access to 5,000 airports not served commercially

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