Never Flown Private? Our Top Tips for Your First Flight!

March 20, 2017

MemberJets was founded on the idea of giving more people access to private aviation. Why? Because we want people to love travel again! Commercial travel has become so bogged down with fees, poor service, long waits, and unnecessary connecting flights that even thinking about flying can stress a person out. But flying should be an adventure, a luxury, a pleasure.
Private jet travel makes all of that possible again.
For those of you who’ve flown private, you’ve come to expect all the ease and benefits of traveling this way. For those of you planning your first private flight, here are our top tips for making it a great one:

• Be specific. In America alone, private jets fly to 5,000 airports where commercial doesn’t fly. So if you’re accustomed to flying near your destination, check with us to see if we can get you closer.
• Save space. Leave all the snacks and drinks at home. Our jets come stocked with beverages and snacks, some with their own self-service beverage and snack areas (if this is the case, help yourself!).
• Fully automate. With jet travel, you’ll fly direct and avoid connecting flights, as well as shuttle buses and mad dashes through unfamiliar airport terminals. Why not make things even easier yet by scheduling an Uber or other ride to and from the airport? Door-to-door service, with no hassle on your part …
• Don’t be afraid to ask! When you get to the airport, ask your service team for anything you need to make your trip more comfortable, whether it’s a magazine, a blanket, or a cup of tea. The experience is meant to be special and memorable.
• Stress less. There’s no need to turn off devices on private jets. And most of our jets offer Wi-Fi for tying up loose ends at work and at home while in the air.
• You can take it with you. Planning on coming home with some unique souveniers? Most likely, you can bring these with you on the jet. Just ask beforehand.

Tell us about your first private jet experience for a special MemberJets gift! Email with “First Flight” in the subject line.

By Rebecca Fischer

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