The Private Aviation Solution to Today's Travel Woes

May 10, 2017

You can hardly turn on the news today without hearing a story about a passenger who was booted from an overbooked flight, or who got into an altercation with an airline employee or other passengers, or how an airline cancelled multiple flights, leaving travelers stranded.  

Earlier this month, top airline executives were questioned about customer service during a congressional hearing before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. The hearing followed several highly publicized incidents that occurred with the airlines recently, including last month’s violent removal of Dr. David Dao from a United Airlines flight after he refused to give up his seat.

Congress warned that lawmakers will step in if the airlines don’t clean up their act soon – and noted that the airlines “aren’t going to like it.”

In recent years, airlines have received a large amount of their profit from baggage fees and reservation-change fees. Customer service doesn’t seem to be their top priority lately.

All the more reason why private aviation provides a solution for today’s travelers. The question is, how do more people gain access to private travel without the industry losing that which sets it apart from commercial?

We believe that the answer lies in the approach to growing private aviation, keeping these two main factors in mind:

  1. Key relationships among operators, brokers, and clients must be maintained.
  2. Each flight must retain profitability.

Like any industry, private aviation is built on the strong relationships of the professionals involved. Of the myriad software solutions and apps out there today that offer private aviation to the public, we are the only one that isn’t bypassing the broker. Our solution recognizes the key relationships in the industry and supports everyone involved so that private aviation can grow in a sustainable way.

Brokers are key because booking a private jet involves a lot of moving pieces and analysis. No app can successfully replace the experience and expertise of the broker.

We provide the broker with more options for clients, namely, the ability to purchase single seats on an increased number of aircraft. This opens the industry to a much wider customer base, as single seats allow people to travel more affordably on private flights.

And because aircraft operators maintain retail pricing for all flights, the high standards of the industry will be maintainable as the industry grows and becomes more profitable.

Our goal has always been to strengthen and grow the private aviation industry so that more people can Love Travel Again. Join us today!

By Rebecca Fischer

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