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February 16, 2017

We are a nation that’s been in love with flying from day one. The first commercial flight took place 103 years ago last month, carrying one passenger across Tampa Bay for $400[i] (equivalent to nearly $10,000 today -- the picture above features a replica of the aircraft). This might also be called the first private flight, but the intention was to make airplane travel as widely available as quickly as possible.

It wasn’t a difficult sell: Airplanes hold the promise of new places, new cultures, new adventures. They make the inaccessible accessible. As commercial airlines developed, this sense of freedom opened to a wider and wider audience, with almost 1 billion commercial airplane passengers reported in 2015 at U.S. airports alone[ii], just a little over 100 years after that first flight.

How does private aviation factor into this love for flight? Those who’ve flown in private jets typically say that they would never fly commercial again: The ease and luxury associated with private aviation makes such a powerful, positive impact. And the commercial airline memories of being elbowed in the middle seat while kicked from behind, running to make a connecting flight (or missing a connecting flight), and waiting in long checkpoint lines leave too heavy a mark.

But private aviation typically has been available only to a select few, who had to either buy a plane themselves or charter one for tens of thousands of dollars. In recent years, there have been efforts to change this and make private aviation a more viable option for more people.

This is where MemberJets comes in. For the past three years, we’ve been developing proprietary 380-regulated software that connects travelers with private aircraft in ways that have never been offered, at prices never available. Perhaps you’ve heard of other charter operators, but we don’t call them competitors because they don’t offer the same services.


Upfront Costs

Monthly Costs


Chicago to Baton Rouge






Jet Charter






$560,000 for 1/16 share

$7,000 to $8,000

$25,000 to



Jet Card

$125,000 for 25 hours


$32,000 to



Join MemberJets and LoveTravelAgain!

By Rebecca Fischer

[i] “100 Years of Commercial Flight.” IATA.org. International Air Transport Association. 24 Jan 2017.

[ii] “The U.S. Set a New Record for Airline Passengers in 2015.” Skift.com. Skift Inc. 23 Jan 2017.

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