What Sets Us Apart From Other Private Aviation Options

March 02, 2017

You may have seen recent TV ads and magazine articles featuring new ways that the public can access private aviation at more affordable prices. This has caused a lot of excitement, because let’s face it, flying private isn’t a financially viable option for most of us, and commercial flights seem to be growing worse day by day. But the talk of increased access to private aviation has also created a lot of confusion for consumers: Am I guaranteed a certain number of flights? How much do I owe per month, per year, etc.? Can I fly wherever I want, whenever I want?

Everybody’s looking for the best of both worlds: There are a few things we like about commercial airline travel, after all – such as easy booking – and there are certainly things we like about flying on a private jet. Is it possible to combine the best of both, while losing the worst of both?

Here at MemberJets, we think it is. The answer lies in creating and leveraging a social-media-type platform for private aviation. In 2014, our founder and CEO began to see a single solution to problems that plague both private and commercial aviation. Private jet operators have historically offered one option: chartering an entire jet. This causes inherent problems for the industry. The public wants to avoid commercial travel, but can’t afford private. So how could private jet operators do more with their aircraft, and advertise these increased options to a wider audience? And how could the public view and even create these options, at affordable prices? 

The answer is here: the member-driven Aviation Marketplace. The Marketplace is a software solution that links together our online pool of members who are looking for private-flight options with operators who want to get their jets in the air more often. No other membership solution offers as much flexibility, affordability, or accessibility. Check out some of the benefits for members and operators:


  • Low annual membership: $250
  • Private-flight options not found anywhere else, including individual seats, regularly scheduled shuttles, and more, at prices comparable to first-class commercial
  • Only the fastest, best jets (no piston-engine aircraft)
  • Access to 5,000 airports not served commercially
  • No middle seats, no connecting flights, no long security lines … all the benefits of private!
  • Large pool of members + more flight options = more planes in the air
  • Ability to publish new flight options (previously unable)
  • Easy-to-use software, with training and support
  • No plane flies without profitability

Join us and start planning your next jet trip today! #LoveTravelAgain

By Rebecca Fischer

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