Founder's Story

Ty Carter is MemberJets' founder and CEO. In addition to more than 20 years of flying experience and more than 8,000 hours of flight time as a pilot, Ty is a former investment banker and aviation insurance and risk management expert. As Ty’s deep understanding, passion, and enthusiasm for all things aviation has increased throughout the years, he began to notice the problems plaguing the aviation industry.

Recognizing that commercial air travel systems had become increasingly difficult, inefficient, and archaic, and being familiar with the myriad advantages of traveling via private aircraft, Ty decided to create a viable alternative to commercial air travel. He wanted to find a way to make private air travel accessible to many more people. Understanding that the substantial price differences between private and commercial air travel were a huge barrier, Ty spent the past few years working to create a reasonably priced alternative that would benefit the average traveler.

The solution: MemberJets and the Aviation Marketplace. The company offers a truly innovative B2B software solution to increase private flight options and grow industry profits sustainably. 

Ty built the business in span of three years in his two favorite cities: Kansas City and Destin, Florida, both of which he calls home. He is honored by the support of both communities and is gratified to have created a company that fosters relationship-building between business owners and entrepreneurs for a long time to come.

Core Values

These values are central to what we do at MemberJets. We don't make any decisions without them in mind: