Founder's Story

Ty Carter is MemberJets' and SKY380’s founder and CEO. In addition to more than 20 years of flying experience and more than 8,000 hours of flight time as a pilot, Ty is a former investment banker and aviation insurance and risk management expert. As Ty’s deep understanding, passion, and enthusiasm for all things aviation has increased throughout the years, he began to notice the problems plaguing the aviation industry.

Ty Carter - SKY380 founder and CEOSky380 was born due to the frustration with commercial travel and the dream to bring the benefits of private aircraft travel to a much wider audience.  Understanding that pricing is a huge barrier to accessing private jet charter, Ty Carter the company’s founder set about to create a service that would be far more affordable, while at the same time could be used seamlessly in the existing B2B charter market by brokers, travel agents and operators to create widespread adoption of its many advantages.  The solution: a truly innovative service that brings private charter flight access to the premium commercial travel market by the seat. 

Sky380 is the first B2B aviation service to transform the charter marketplace by introducing patented leading-edge individual seat sales tools to Part 135 operators, Charter Brokers and travel agents.  The proprietary technology, provided at no cost, enables Aircraft operators, Charter Brokers and Travel Agents to aggressively compete in a rapidly evolving market via a seamless flexible solution that allows them to create flights and sell seats on the fly.


Core Values

These values are central to what we do at MemberJets, LLC and SKY380. We don't make any decisions without them in mind: