When employees travel, it takes a toll on your company. Inefficiencies chip away at two of your most valuable assets: time and money. Think about the lost productivity and high cost of commercial air travel.

As a MemberJets member, two important things happen:

  • Saved time
      On average, our flights save 25 to 50% of the “all-in” roundtrip travel time. With direct (and faster) flights, your employees can fly to their destination and be home in time for dinner
  • Reduced total cost of travel
      With the increased efficiency of private travel, you can reduce costs such as; hotel accommodations, meals, rental cars, and mileage reimbursement

Our program allows us to offer single seats on private jets at prices competitive with first-class commercial airline seats.


Better Than Commercial Aviation

Commercial air travel is beyond frustrating. As a MemberJets member, you can avoid all the hassles and get straight to your destination.

MemberJets benefits include:

✓ Fly direct and arrive at your destination sooner without connecting flights
✓ Access to 5,000 airports not served commercially
✓ Avoid the drive to congested commercial airport locations
✓ Avoid TSA lines and other security checkpoints
✓ Avoid terminal parking and shuttles to and from your gate
✓ Get work done comfortably with on board Wi-Fi on most flights
✓ Provides a truly unique benefit by also allowing employees to use their membership for personal use



Better Than Other Private Aviation Options

When compared to a jet card, a fractional ownership, or an airplane lease, MemberJets is superior. With us, your company saves money.

Here’s how:

✓ No management fees
✓ No large upfront capital expenditure
✓ No monthly fees
✓ No maintenance fees
✓ No hourly limitations


If your company owns private aircraft, MemberJets has a program that may lower the cost of ownership. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

We will work with your company to transition your current program in a manner that frees up capital and decreases travel expenditures.


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Get Started

Ready to save time and money while improving your flying experience? Annual memberships start at $1,500 per year, per person. Volume discounts are available. As an added perk, your employees can use their memberships for personal travel as well. If an employee leaves, memberships will stay with the company. 


Contact MemberJets for more information and

find out how your company can learn to love travel again.

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Our members mean everything to us, and we take pride in exceeding their expectations on every flight they take. Enjoy some of the recent feedback we've received from our community of corporate members.



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