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Flight Options

Every member has the opportunity to take advantage of our four distinct flight options. Book last minute. Invite other members with our crowdsource flight option. Enjoy one of our MemberJets Journeys for a truly unforgettable experience. Book a quick round trip flight with our shuttle option. Reserve an entire aircraft with our charter services. Your flight options are limitless, the luxury and convenience come standard.

Crowdsource Flights

Enjoy the first crowdsourced private aviation platform--ever. Search flights to the destinations you desire and share the private aviation experience with other members. Tell your MemberJets friends about an upcoming flight that has seat vacancy or send a notification to the entire MemberJets network to help drive down the cost of your next flight.


MemberJets Journeys are exclusive travel packages custom designed for our members. Whether it’s a Broadway show, trip to the beach, wine tasting in Napa, or a major sporting event, MemberJets elevates the experience. MemberJets will offer Journeys with limited availability and exceptional value.

Shuttle Flights

Our shuttle service provides a popular aviation option for corporations. Save time and money by controlling the departure and arrival times for your companies flights to destinations across the continental United States. Avoid the hassle of commercial aviation and embrace the value our shuttle services provide to support your team’s productivity.

Charter Flights

All MemberJets members have the option to charter an entire private aircraft to destinations across the continental United States at a fraction of the cost to other private aviation options. Enjoy the luxury of selecting the private aircraft of your choice and travel in the comfort and style you desire.