"While there are a growing number of business to consumer services that connect private jet travelers directly with operators by the aircraft and by the seat, we saw the need for something that would bring the same capabilities on a wholesale level to charter brokers and travel agents, both of whom are a key part of the air travel ecosystem", said founder Ty Carter.  “Our focus is on helping these key players to easily expand their market reach to include the commercial business traveler, as well as to expand their range of services to their existing clients.

Sky380 is the first B2B aviation service to transform the charter marketplace by introducing patented leading-edge individual seat sales tools to Part 135 operators, Charter Brokers and travel agents.  The proprietary technology, provided at no cost to approved partners, enables Aircraft operators, Charter Brokers and Travel Agents to aggressively compete in a rapidly evolving market via a seamless flexible solution that allows them to create flights and sell seats on the fly.