Sustainable Growth for a Strong Industry


Increased Aircraft Utilization Increased Profits New Customers  New Marketing Opportunities

The Opportunity


Private aviation offers comfort, style, class, ease -- the benefits are well-known to those of us in the industry. However, there is only one option for flights: charter the entire aircraft. This greatly limits both the client and the revenue base.

As we think about the evolving industry, questions arise: Can private flight retain that which sets it apart from commercial aviation while growing and opening to a new clientele? Will operators and owners retain profitability?

We believe that the answer is a resounding "Yes"! Our solution protects profits for operators while increasing flight options, meaning increased lift and profits. Because no flight happens without profitability, operators will grow in a sustainable way. This growth will translate into sustainable growth for the industry itself, allowing it to retain its superior experience for current and new clients.





    Creates New Revenue Sources

    Operators increase revenue both for themselves and aircraft owners by offering these benefits to potential passengers: individual seat purchases on legally published shuttles, crowdsourced flights, and corporate travel solutions. 

    National Network

    Operators are entered into an established network of other charter companies who can fill more seats on planes across the nation. This gives operators the ability to offer even more valuable solutions for passengers and owners.

    Expands Your Customer Base

    The seat marketplace enables operators to reach an entirely new demographic and built-in customer base. It also allows new ways for those customers to fly. Increased utilization translates to increased revenue for aircraft owners and Part 135 operators.

    Solves Empty-Leg Problems

    Via the marketplace, turn empty legs into revenue for aircraft owners by leveraging our national member pool.






    Expand Your Flight Options



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