Exceptional Safety Standard

We distinguish ourselves by exceeding industry safety standards for our members. To ensure the highest level of safety and control, we have implemented an internal safety evaluation program required of all MemberJets partners and members. Along with the safety standards each pilot and plane must meet, every passenger on every flight must be in good standing with the TSA pursuant to FAA requirements. MemberJets operators manage this process for every flight. We require all members to pass our background check prior to being accepted into our community. Records verified via the background check process include:

✓ Identity Verification
✓ TSA No Fly List
✓ Sex Offender Registry Check
✓ Global Watchlist Check
✓ National Criminal Records Check
✓ County Criminal Records Check


Our safety and compliance program is led by Greg Feith, recognized as one of the foremost experts in aviation safety. Greg has served over 20 years with the United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and serves as the aviation expert for NBC News. Greg’s vast background in aviation safety and human factors provides our partners a unique evaluation and resource to ensure we excel in safety protocols on all levels.

Vice President of Flight Safety & Business Development