Save on Travel Time

We believe that time is our most precious resource and that travel is an essential part of life. Take control of your travel again--enjoy the affordable, luxurious comforts of private aviation and save time on every trip you take.

Roundtrip Travel Hours Saved vs. Commercial Airlines*

Save 5 hrs

KC to Denver

Save 6 hrs

KC to New York City

Save 8 hrs

KC to Los Angeles

Save 9 hrs

KC to Billings, MT

Save 5 hrs

KC to Tulsa, OK

*These time averages are for roundtrip flights and include a combined one-hour transit time to and from Kansas City International Airport from Overland Park, Kan., and one hour of combined time at security checkpoints for all commercial departure and return flights.

Other ways Memberjets saves you time:

• Avoid the drive to remote airport locations
• Fly direct and arrive at your destination sooner
• Avoid TSA lines and other security checkpoints
• Avoid terminal parking and shuttles to and from your gate
• Get work done, comfortably with on-board Wi-Fi on most flights
• Enjoy relaxation and comfort with family & friends